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Scopri il Dumper PL10 in azione

Nel 1947 Luigi Prando apre ad Aosta una piccola officina per la riparazione di biciclette e motocicli.

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Dumper PL10

The machine which works for you

The PL 10 Dumper is born of the aim to offer the user comfort and safety. It is a radio-controlled machine, designed to operate for maximum output even on difficult terrain, and is built with the highest quality components.

The Dumper PL 10 satisfies the widest requirements of productivity, flexibility and safety, successfully managing to make an account of itself not just in the market for special earth moving machines. Indeed, this machine has important applications in building and garden work as well as with archaeological excavations, and in all those situations in which the work environment might endanger the operator, therefore making it preferable to command the dumper at a distance.

The machine conforms with the reference European Standard 2006/42/EC

The Dumper is available in two versions:

1. PL10-L: With analogue radio control;

2. PL10-T: With electronic control unit and remote-control system.

Standard outfitting

Description of the characteristics

The main technic characteristics of the Dumper PL10 models are:

•    Forward blade

•    Diagnostics instrumentation

•    Ultra-sonic sensors

•    Inclination limiter

•    Automatic deceleration

•    Telemetry

•    Geo-locating

The remote-control system

The remote-control system. The machine operates under remote control and at a maximum distance of 100 m thanks to a radio control system with which the main functions can be operated:

•    Transference

•    Hopper control (high-low)

•    Blade control (high-low)

•    Switching on

•    Turning off

•    Hooter

•    Accelerator

•    Speed control

Front Blade

This is a characteristic which gives the Dumper greater functionality, such as compacting discharged material or moving it to open up a small passageway (not to be used as a bulldozer).

Diagnostics instrumentation

The dumper signals a significant number of errors, in order to facilitate diagnosis and a timely and rapid intervention.

Ultra-sonic sensors

The identification of obstacles is entrusted to an ultra-sonic system which, on noting an obstacle, slows the movement and automatically stops the machine at a distance of some 30 cm.

Inclination limiter

The PL10 is equipped with an inclination limiter: If the design slope is exceeded, the machine stops. That avoids the machine overturning and a breakdown of the engine (the engine will not operate without oil).

Automatic deceleration

If not being used, the motor automatically runs at minimum.


The telemetry makes it possible to obtain information on the machine's functioning status. The optional service consists of a remote support service, thanks to which an Operval operator can work with the client and intervene directly from our premises to adjust a number of parameters on the machine.


The location system (GPS) allows for verifying the position of the Dumper in real time. (Telemetry and geo-location use the same SIM card) Furthermore, there is the option of inserting two 3D video cameras, thanks to which the Dumper expands its capacity with an autonomous guidance function (*) and screening of the track in real time.

(*) Following an evaluation, and compatibility with the reference Standards.

Optional equipment

Load platform

The machine is designed to hold a 1 m3 high-capacity hopper for loads of some 1200 Kg, which confers an elevated level of productivity to the Dumper PL10.

As an option, the hooper may be substituted with a load platform, allowing for the transportation of other vehicles and/or equipment of different dimensions.


At the specific request of the client, the machine may be personalized. Amongst the available options, there are:

  • Paintowrk and colour; by sending the colour Pantone and indications, it is possible to proceed with a different colouring to the Dumper.

  • Branding; the Dumper can be marked with your brand which should be forwarded to us have in vector file format. 

  • Different components from standard (if allowed by regulations).

  • New and/or additional functions of mechanical parts.


High precision at an attractive price

The main characteristic of the PL10-L version is the analog remote control system which, together with an elevated load capacity, the forward blade and compact dimensions, makes the Dumper able to function easily on various types of terrain without any risk to the operator.

The PL10-L version combines the high quality of the guide functions with an analog remote control, to satisfy the requirements of a high precision machine at a contained price.

Phone: +39016531858

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Standard Equipment

  • Radio control system

  • Screen

  • Forward blade

  • Sensors

  • Remote control

  • Anti-toppling

  • Automatic decelerator



  • Platform

  • Personalization

  • Telemetry (Wi-Fi modem)

  • Geo-locating (GPS)

In 1947, Luigi Prando opened his small workshop for the repair of bicycles and motor bikes.

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© 2017 Operval Srl - Via Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, 17 -11100, Aosta - P.I. e C. F. 01088500077