Dumper PL10

Radio controlled: safe for the operator

First radio controlled dumper ever made

Dumper PL10 aims to offer comfort and safety to the operator. The remote control system and the high standard of quality allow to obtain unprecedented efficiency, even on rough and dangerous terrain.

​Small size combined with a great power to weight ratio make Dumper PL10 ideal to work in confined spaces while still being versatile and operator friendly.

Front Blade

This tool grants the Dumper greater functionality, such as compacting discharged material or moving it to open up a small passage.

Grease track tensioner

Track tension can be easily adjusted by using a grease tensioner.

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radio controlled dumper PL10

in action!

The remote-control system

The machine can operate at a maximum distance of 50 m through a radio control allowing the main functions of: 

  • Movement
  • Hopper control (high-low)
  • Blade control (high-low)
  • Switching on/off
  • Horn
  • Throttle
  • Speed control

Optional Equipment

Load platform

The machine is designed with a 1 m3 high-capacity hopper for loads of 1200 Kg, which confers an elevated level of productivity to the Dumper PL10.

As an option, the bucket may be replaced with a load platform, allowing for the transportation of other vehicles and equipment of different sizes.


At the specific request of the client, the machine may be personalized. Amongst the available options, there are:

  • Paintwork and colour; by sending the colour sample and indications, we can personalize colours and aesthetics.
  • Branding; the Dumper can be marked with your own brand logo.
  • Non standard components (if allowed by regulations).
  • New and/or additional functions of mechanical parts.