Dumper ST25

Tunnel Dumper

Tunnel Dumper ST-25 is a machine engineered to work in tunnels and underground water canals often found in hydroelectric power plants and mines. This dumper is specifically designed to move in narrow and tight spaces.

As usual Operval chose the best components and materials to offer you robust and reliable machines.

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Tunnel Dumper SR25

in action!

Buckets and platforms

If the standard bucket doesn’t meet the needs of the client, Operval offers several options.

Double seats

The two facing seats, while making possible a fast and easy direction change, always allow a complete control of the auxiliary commands

Interchangeable wheels and tires

As standard ST25 comes with solid tires. However we can adapt it to traditional tires and different wheels

Why choose an Operval dumper


We design our machines observing and analysing the working sites, focusing on the workers’ necessities.
Today, as we have been doing for the past 70 years, we take pride in utilizing the best materials and components to give you more than just a machine


​In case of breakdown or malfunction our service network wil be able to provide you with quick and professional assistance. Moreover, by relying on international suppliers for all the core components of the machine we will always be able to guarantee you with the quickest chain of supply for spare parts and components.