Hydraulic thumb KE60

No welding required

Being completely welding free, our KE60 it is the only Hydraulic thumb that does not involve structural modifications to your excavator.

Hydraulic thumb KE60: Firm grip

The half-moon shaped thumb grants a better fit by following the bucket’s profile, allowing a stronger grip for wood and other materials.

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in action!

Benefits of KE60 Hydraulic thumb.

Our patented attachment cage and half-moon thumb shape grant some clear benefits over classic designs:

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, even on different compatible excavators
  • Quick to operate
  • Strong and safe grip
  • No need to weld on the excavator’s arm
  • Controlled via the auxiliary line
  • Weight including attachment cage and thumb: 205 Kg

Reliable and versatile

When Engineering and creativity come together

Our Hydraulic thumb KE60 has been entirely conceived and designed in our workshop in Aosta Valley, and thanks to 75 years of experience in the mechanical field we can offer to you the best working comfort.

Nimble and precise in the operations

KE60is connected to the auxiliary line and easily controlled by the operator via his thumb controls.

    Fields of work

    Hydraulic thumb KE60 is designed for land clearing, site preparation and clean-up, forestry and demolition. 

    Easily picking up debris, rocks, logs and construction materials our attachment allows the operator to wander between different fields of work.


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