P08 radiocontrolled Mini Dumper
Your comfort. Your safety.

Operval’s little one

Even more compact without sacrificing performance

The P08 radiocontrolled mini dumper is the little brother of our P14 mini dumper.

This radio controlled mini dumper was designed to operate in confined spaces: vineyards, historical sites, buildings and hard-to-access areas.

Designed and manufactured in Italy

The P08 is the result of a 75-year history, in which tradition and technology coexist, and has been designed and built entirely by our mechanics, with the aim of offering the user comfort and safety. It is a radio-controlled machine, designed to work with maximum efficiency on all types of terrain in a stable manner and with maximum grip.

The radio control allows you to manoeuvre your P08 mini dumper up to a distance of 50 metres, for site operations, safely and comfortably.


radiocontrolled mini dumper P08

Far from dust, noise and vibrations

The radio remote control allows you to manoeuvre your P08 radio-controlled mini dumper up to a distance of 50 metres, for site operations, safely and comfortably.



Made to last

Drawing on our experience as a machine shop, we have carefully selected all the components of the P08 mini dumper to offer optimal performance and reliability over time.

“Our experience has matured as a mechanical repair shop partner to the largest construction machinery manufacturers on the international market. This has led us to devise innovative solutions to offer working comfort, safety and ease of manoeuvre to operators in the construction industry. All too often, they find themselves operating in highly dangerous situations. With our machines, which can be radio-controlled remotely, operators work away from dust, noise, vibrations and fall hazards. Central to Operval’s philosophy is the human being, worthy of respect, attention and care.”

The radiocontrolled mini dumper P08 in action!

Remote control system

The machine works remotely and at a maximum distance of 50 m, thanks to a radio remote control with which the main functions can be controlled:

  • Translation
  • Body control (high-low)
  • Blade control (high-low)
  • Ignition
  • Switching off
  • Horn
  • Accelerator
  • Speed control
  • Stop


  • Weight: 750 kg
  • Maximum payload: 800 kg
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Lenght: 2175 mm
  • Height: 1240 mm
  • Engine: Yanmar, 2-cylinder
  • Maximum surmontable slope in the forward direction: 30%
  • Noise: 101 db
  • Fuel supply: diesel

Grease tensioner

  • Track tension can be adjusted with a practical and fast grease tensioner.
radiocontrolled mini dumper P08


At the specific request of the client, the machine may be personalized. Amongst the available options, there are:

•Paintwork and colour; by sending the colour sample and indications, we can personalize colours and aesthetics.
•Branding; the Dumper can be marked with your own brand logo.
•Non standard components (if allowed by regulations).
•New and/or additional functions of mechanical parts.