P14 radiocontrolled Dumper

Great performance in a compact machine

Remote controlled dumper – Discover the practicality, accept the challenge

Our new radiocontrolled dumper P14 is the logical evolution of  PL10, dumper launched on the market in 2013 and introduced at BAUMA 2016 to the international public.

P14 has been engineered by our team focusing on comfort and safety. As a remote controlled machine P14 is designed to work with maximum efficiency on all kind of terrains, always ensuring great stability and traction.


Far from dust, noise and vibrations

Our remote allows you to precisely control your P14 from up to 50 meters, safe and confortable.


Made to last

Thanks to our experience in the field we were able to select carefully the best components to grant P14 long lasting performance and reliability.

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We’ve been clients of Operval for many yars. We bought two PL10 and we use them extensively for construction and renovation, expecially in tight and narrow environnment like small villages, canals and tunnels, where bigger machines cannot enter. 
One of our PL10 is equipped with a wood chipper, making it extremely useful for forestry 
Ediluboz srl

 Buying our PL10 was a no brainer. Our operator can sit comfortably on the excavator and control loading and unloading operations just using the remote.

Besenval Costruzioni srl

See  P14 radiocontrolled Dumper in action!

Remote control system

P14‘s remote control  works up to 50 meters and allows to operate all main functions:

  • Movement
  • Hopper control (High-Low)
  • Blade control (High-Low)
  • Switching on / off
  • Horn
  • Throttle
  • Speed control
  • Emergency Stop

Optional equipment

Load platform 

The machine is designed with a 1 m3 high-capacity hopper for loads of 1400 Kg, which confers an elevated level of productivity to the Dumper P14.

As an option, the bucket may be replaced with a load platform, allowing for the transportation of other vehicles and equipment of different sizes.



At the specific request of the client, the machine may be personalized. Amongst the available options, there are:

•Paintwork and colour; by sending the colour sample and indications, we can personalize colours and aesthetics.
•Branding; the Dumper can be marked with your own brand logo.
•Non standard components (if allowed by regulations).
•New and/or additional functions of mechanical parts.