Pipe layer RT1 and RT2

Operval’s pipe laying machines are machines for transporting pipes to places that are difficult to access and where there is no concrete possibility of using cranes or the like.

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Pipe Layer RT1

The RT1 Operval is designed to transport pipes even in the most difficult to access places, such as tunnels or technological tunnels. Being radio-controlled, you can work in absolute safety by maneuvering the vehicle 100 meters from the intervention area.

Another feature of the RT1 is the possibility of switching to the power supply, an indispensable solution if you work in a place with poor ventilation.

Technical features

Machine weight 25q
Maximum overall width 1500 mm
Maximum overall height 2100 mm
Diesel engine power supply
Power supply V1305 of 22 kw
Electric motor 7 kw
360 ° rotation arm

Pipe Layer RT2

The RT2 Operval is a vehicle on wheels capable of transporting pipes with a maximum diameter of 1.5 m. This pipelayer is widely used in places where it is impossible to use a crane, for example when transporting and laying pipes in tunnels. The RT2 requires the presence of an operator on the machine.

Technical features

Machine weight 3870 kg
Length 7400 mm
Width 2200 mm
Maximum speed 7 km / h
Maximum load 4000 kg
Maximum transportable diameter 1.5 m