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In 1947, Luigi Prando opened his small workshop for the repair of bicycles and motor bikes.

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Clients can count on a first-class support service, guaranteed by our dealers and authorized workshops over the whole of Northern Italy.

Operval personnel, both sales and technical, follow the whole life of our operating machines with dedicated helpfulness and transparency;  from programmed maintenance to the timely availability of original spare parts.


We know that time is money, and that's why we guarantee a rapid and individual support plan which will satisfy the requirements of your business and allow you to better optimise your operations.

 Our dealers are scrupulously trained, constantly improving and updating their abilities, and work with dedication in order to always be updated with the continuous development of Operval products.



All analog and electronic components abide with the standard cover of the manufacturer. Labour for changing components under guarantee is included in the Standard Guarantee formula. Your authorized dealer of choice is available to evaluate any extensions to the guarantee beyond its period.



Built and designed to last over time, Operval machines are a guarantee of efficiency and reliability. In order to protect your investment therefore, you are only required to keep to the provisions of the technical user manual and the ordinary maintenance programmes.

​Furthermore, you may optimise the maintenance costs, personalizing the servicing depending on your requirements. Ask for a quote from your dealer of choice!



For our machines, we place our trust in the international leaders of the mechanical and electronic components sector. This precise design choice allows us to guarantee you with:

  • An elevated level of reliability of the machine;

  • a certain and rapid availability of all original spare parts;

  • a reduction to the minimum of machine down time.