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The compact solution for working in hard-to-access environments

The P08 radio-controlled tracked mini dumper: more than a wheelbarrow

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The Operval Family 'Baby' Revolutionising the Radio-Controlled Wheelbarrow Concept

Discover the P08 Radio-Controlled Tracked Mini Dumper, Operval's innovative answer to the challenges of earthmoving on difficult job sites. Say good-bye to the vibration, noise and dust of traditional wheelbarrows. With its radio-controlled system, you can manoeuvre the mini dumper remotely, ensuring safe and comfortable operations on the construction site.

Agility in Narrow Spaces and Steep Terrain

The P08 Mini Dumper is designed to access very narrow spaces, with a width of only one metre, making it ideal for working in tight spaces. Whether you are working in the mountains, in buildings under construction or renovation, or in historic villages, this radio-controlled tracked mini dumper is the perfect solution for moving up to 800 kg of material safely and efficiently.

Versatile applications for every need

The P08 Radio-Controlled Tracked Mini Dumper is suitable for a wide range of applications, making it ideal for:

Construction and renovation of buildings
Mountain construction sites with slopes
Forestry and viticulture operations
Agricultural work
Restorations in historic villages and archaeological sites
Maintenance in hydroelectric tunnels
Hard-to-access environments
Ease of transport and flexible set-up

Other information

This radio-controlled mini dumper is easily transportable by van or helicopter, offering maximum flexibility in a variety of situations. You can choose between a bucket with a maximum load capacity of 800 kg or a flatbed, depending on your earthmoving needs at difficult construction sites.

Customisation upon Request

Operval understands the importance of a machine that meets your specific needs. The P08 Radio-Controlled Tracked Mini Dumper can be customised with several options, including painting, choice of colour and insertion of your company logo. In addition, we offer the possibility of adding non-standard applications according to your specific requests or drawings.

Customise your P08 radio-controlled mini dumper

At the customer's request, the machine can be customised.
Possible options include painting, colour and company logo insertion. By sending the RAL of the colour and the indications, customers can choose a non-standard colour. It is also possible to insert a sticker with the customer's logo.

Non-standard features (if provided for in the standard) can also be included, upon request or according to customer design.

The P08 Radio-controlled Mini Dumper, much more than a wheelbarrow!

The P08 Radio-controlled Mini Dumper, much more than a wheelbarrow!Tracks
Weight750 Kg
Length2175 mm
Width800 mm
Height1240 mm
Load capacity800 Kg
EngineYanmar - Diesel
Maximum gradient in forward motion30%
Maximum tipping angle15%
Speed5 Km/h
Braking systemReducers with negative brake
DistributionProportional valve hydraulic distributor
Hydraulic systemVariable displacement pumps
StandardsEC Compliant

Made in Italy

What does it mean that our P08 radio-controlled mini dumper is made in Italy? That it is completely designed and built in Italy. All our suppliers are carefully selected and screened to ensure high quality.

High quality means: greater efficiency, better performance and less risk of construction-related malfunctions.

Did you know that you can buy the P08 radio-controlled mini dump truck with rebates, tax deductions and contributions?

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Luca Vassallo
Centro Colori Comerio
Macchine davvero valide! Azienda degna della nota di Eccellenza Italiana! Servizio assistenza...per le poche volte di cui ho avuto bisogno... perfetto! Tanta competenza che nasce per risolvere i problemi di un territorio difficile come la montagna ma direi utile e inimitabile in ogni cantiere!!!
Artigiani edili Fratelli Dayné
Acquistato da poco mini dumper P08 di Operval, cingolato, con radiocomando. Ottimo, prestazioni eccellenti. Consigliatissimo!