For more than 75 years the history of Operval has been filled with technology and mechanics.

Today we gather all our experience to provide working comfort to earthmoving operators.

Our machines

Radiocontrolled dumper P14

The P14 Dumper is born to offer the user comfort and safety. It is a radiocontrolled machine, designed to operate at maximum output even on difficult terrain, and it’s built with the highest quality components

Radiocontrolled mini dumper P08

Operval’s little one. This radiocontrolled mini tracked dumper is suitable for working in even tighter spaces without sacrificing great performance.

Pipe Layers

Operval’s pipe laying machines are machines built to work in  places that are difficult to access and where there is no concrete possibility of using cranes or more common pipe layers

Dumper ST25

ST-25 is a machine engineered to work in tunnels and underground water canals often found in hydroelectric power plants and mines This dumper is specifically designed to move in narrow and tight spaces.

Hydraulic Thumb KE60

Hydraulic thumb. No welding required. Only for Yanmar long arm.

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Your comfort. Your safety.

We work on our projects with dedication and commitment, supporting our mechanical expertise with an in-depth technological research and an eye always pointed at the future of the world of earthmoving machines.

By partnering with some of the biggest construction equipment companies on the international market, we gained the necessary experience to design innovative solutions and to improve working comfort, safety, and ease of handling.

 All our machines are characterized by versatility and reliability. Engineered to be swift during operations and incredibly easy for maintenance.  You will find in our products a precious ally able to work in the most difficult conditions and impervious terrains: tunnels, mines and steep terrains.

We aim to offer the best efficiency and performance while ensuring great reliability over time.  That’s why we offer a first-class support service on our machines, from scheduled maintenance to spare parts availability.

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Expertise and reliability since 1947


We build our machines to provide working comfort and safety to operators. We do It while respecting human values, conscious of our history but focused on our future.



Making construction sites and hazardous environments safer through innovative technology able of adapt to the needs and pace of work of the users.



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Direct customer support

Operval personnel, both sales and technical, follow the whole life of our operating machines with dedicated helpfulness and transparency; from programmed maintenance to the timely availability of original spare parts


We draw up a customized support plan able to satisfy the needs of your activity while always being at maximum productivity. Our personnel always works with passion and keeps up to date to ensure the best customer care.


All our components are covered by the standard Warranty of the manufacturer. Hourly labour needed for the replacement of components under warranty it’s included in our Standard Warranty. A customized warranty plan may be assessed. 


Designed and built to last our machines are a guarantee of efficiency and reliability. To keep your product at best functional capacity just perform ordinary maintenance and follow the technical manuals.

Spare parts

For our machines we rely on the leading international suppliers for both mechanical and electronic components to be able to offer:

  • – Great reliability
  • –  Ease in finding spare parts
  • – Reduced down time in case on mechanical breakdowns


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