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High-altitude construction sites: Maximizing efficiency with Operval radio-controlled dumpers

14 March 2024

In the remote and inaccessible lands of the mountains, where construction sites challenge the most extreme conditions, the need for efficient and reliable vehicles becomes crucial. In these environments, where transporting materials and masses is often a daunting challenge, the use of tracked dumpers becomes an invaluable resource.

Operval: Innovation in Extreme Construction Sites

Operval has introduced a revolutionary solution: radio-controlled dumpers. These vehicles offer a unique combination of manoeuvrability, power and versatility, making them essential for moving boulders and material at high altitudes.

Transportable Versatility: A Decisive Feature

One of the distinctive features of Operval dumpers is their ability to be transported by helicopter. This means they can be moved quickly from one site to another, overcoming natural obstacles and saving valuable time. In an environment where every minute counts, this unparalleled mobility is an incomparable advantage.

Challenges Faced with Confidence: Overcoming the Maximum Slope

High altitude construction sites present unique challenges, including steep slopes and rough terrain. Operval dumpers meet these challenges with ease, thanks to their ability to overcome slopes of up to 30% in forward motion. This makes them indispensable for work in difficult terrain, ensuring safety and efficiency in every operation.

Beyond the motor Wheelbarrow: A Superior Solution

While the motor wheelbarrow might be a common choice in some contexts, Operval's radio-controlled tracked dumpers offer much more. Their ability to carry heavier loads, tackle rough terrain and be easily transported makes the wheelbarrow an obsolete option on extreme construction sites.

In conclusion, the use of Operval radio-controlled tracked dumpers represents a turning point in the high-altitude construction industry. Their versatility, combined with their ability to overcome unique challenges such as steep slopes and rough terrain, makes them an irreplaceable choice for the most extreme job sites. With Operval, transporting boulders and material at high altitudes becomes not only possible, but also efficient and safe.